Bespoke TAM Data for GTM
Teams Scored and Sorted by Pain Today
Firmographic data like company size, industry, and funding like has become a commodity. Tools like 6Sense will tell you what content people are consuming. But you want to know who will buy now based on their current problems, sourced from the insights of your customers.

Enter Blueprint.
The Database is Dead
Your competitors have the same data, so how good can it really be for YOU?
Data Today, To Define and Score Your ICP Live
What you care about is knowing WHY you target this company, WHAT makes them good, and WHEN they need you.
Your customers know the answers to these questions, but the answers themselves aren't in 1 database.
The Before Times
  1. 100 → 5,000 Employees
  1. Software Industry
  1. Revenue > $50M
  1. Just joined revenue leader
With Blueprint
  1. ← All of that plus…
  1. Who are revamping their HR benefits
  1. Who have 30+ Coming Soon Locations
  1. Where a new revenue leader must redefine their ICP
  1. Who uses X tool/technology by department
  1. Who have case studies older than 1 year
  1. Who have a learning stipend >$2k per employee
  1. Who have posted on Linkedin about X topic
  1. Who have > 20 new Operations hires last 30 DAYS
  1. Any other data on the public web
Not a Database, A Custom Data Waterfall…
50+ Sources + Live Public Scraping and Scoring
From over 45M companies, 700M profiles, 22M job postings, 40k technographics, and bespoke web scraping.
Data providers want to sell you on what they already have, that's how they make their money!
But your sellers do a ton of BESPOKE research on every lead with LinkedIn, ChatGPT, and the public web. They aren't ever in 1 database. WHY!? What a waste of their time to be using tools built a decade ago to build lists.
Stop cobbling together tools, get your TAM scored just for you and updated often.
29% of sales reps want fewer tools and higher quality data
Sales reps spend only 25% of their day selling
43% say buyer intent data is very important
Knowing When Defines Who, Too
G2 says that only 5% of buyers are in market, that means 95/100 companies you contact aren't ready to buy. We pull live data that helps you know how you should target.

Examples of How We Target by the When

Both circumstance and changes make for good buyers. Here are some examples of when that we have pulled to find the when… Increasing Google Reviews last 90 days Job postings that talk about defining new benefits in the last 90 days LinkedIn posts about searching for new data sources in the last 30 days Matching a closed job to a recently joined person (target by their job responsibilities) in the last 30 days Just hired their first head of data privacy in the last 90 days Recently added a new technology to their stack in the marketing department in the last 30 days Laid off engineering team + hiring new engineering lead Recently got fined by OSHA State grant for $155M just announced for specific technologies by industry Who mentions being an expert with X technology in their LinkedIn profile Who has increasing traffic + LinkedIn followers + has hired > 5 people in the last 30 days ^— But remember, this should be based on what YOUR customers said led them to buy! We're a vessel 🤔 To answer Sam, yes. It's data + systems to scale what your SDRs should be doing today, but aren't… that's knowing BOTH what accounts to go after and WHY those accounts.

Targeting is a Dance Between Rows and Columns
idea credit: Keith Putnam-Delaney
Rows (People & Companies)
Most companies think about rows (more people, more companies). Everyone can get rows, that's what databases are selling… MORE ROWS.
But what rows DON'T tell you is…
  1. Why this company
  1. Why this person
  1. Why now?
Columns (Qualification Criteria)
Columns give you INSIGHTS. Count of recent marketing hires is a column. Technologies they use is a column. Number of new locations coming soon is a column.
But what columns DO tell you is…
  1. Is this an A+ or B- company for me?
  1. Does this person actually have the problem I solve?
  1. Why now!
We score your entire TAM just for you... (100-500k companies) You Pay Just For A+ ICP Leads
When and Who Makes What to Say Easier
Because you came in with a theory about why they should be contacted, you know exactly what to say.
The List is the Message
Remember how we built the list?
  1. Based on why your existing customers bought
  1. Backed by data
  1. With an opinion on which companies
  1. When to reach out
  1. And which people
  1. And what to offer them (hopefully for free)
So you get what to say for free by simply describing back to them why you think they should care to read the message.
Lists Like No Other, Too
Most sales lists are milk toast. Blueprint does it different. Don't trust me, see what we do…
Pricing and Plans
Intent Data
Search 22M jobs instantly, find the titles that deal with the problems you solve for persona definition, and measure a market's worth of data in seconds. Cancel anytime.
Technographics Data
(Self-Serve API only)
We have an API on 1.4M companies that tracks 40k technologies. Including first detected date, last detected date, and # of people using the technology a the company
Bespoke TAM Score
$15K/3Mo Pilot
We will pull data from anywhere around the web for you, from 700M profiles, 45M companies, 22M jobs, Google Maps scrape, and even help you define the data you need.
Plan Details
Compare plans to see which one is right for you.
We don't offer any refunds, read the full policy here.
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